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Dear Patrons,

Welcome to Cyber introduction of Animal Health Companies Association of Bangladesh (AHCAB). AHCAB is an apex trade body dedicated to the welfare of the animal industry of Bangladesh. Our members are manufacture, import and distribute products and services for animal industry related to health, nutrition, bio-security and equipments. We are covering all animal species primarily poultry, ruminant, aquatic animal and companion animal. AHCAB is well connected with all Govt.,Non-Govt.

, NGO, Universities and all concerned Private sectors who are related to the industry and maintains a cordial relationship in order to conduct welfare of the industry. It also conducts seminars, symposiums, local and international livestock show to promote the industry and animal products for our consumers.

Currently we have nearly 235 active members which represent over 90% of the industry. There are 15 members of Executive Council who are elected by the General members every two years are responsible to manage and conduct all activities of AHCAB. AHCAB is also engaged in various social works and participate in national crisis management in animal industry as private sector representative along with the Ministry of Fishery and Livestock. We have a quarterly news letter which effectively communicate amongst the members as well as the industry stake holders and updates AHCAB’s activities regularly. AHCAB also conducts social events like annual picnic, family nights, annual dinner etc. regularly amongst the members to stimulate the fraternity in order to promote a friendly business relationship

I envisage AHCAB to be a leading organization both nationally and internationally in order to ensure proper welfare of the animal industry as well as consumer’s trusted partner in food security and safety.

I wish all the success of animal industry and the members of AHCAB in Bangladesh

Sincerely yours

Mr. AKM Alamgir

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