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To form an association of the companies involved in local manufacturing and import of veterinary medicine and nutritional products and services.
To represent the industry in following regulatory bodies
a) Department of Livestock Services
b) Department of Fisheries
c) Drug Administration
d) National Board of Revenue
e) Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
To keep and maintain updated data, information of the industry and make them available amongst the membersí decision-making bodies and to the poultry, dairy and aquaculture industries.
To establish a data bank on Products trends and markets.
To build consensus amongst the members of the association for improvement on the quality of products both for local and imported.
Get membership and maintain liaison with overseas allied bodies to exchange views and ideas and share information, knowledge and skills.
Support Government Policy in creation of job opportunities for unemployed youth, women force and rural development.
Assist farmers in production of eggs, meat, broiler, fish and shrimps free of hazardous chemicals and harmful drugs.
Patronize health, safety and environmental issues for both human and animals.

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